Knock Knock is revolutionary cricket batting training aid. It’s the only device in the world that helps beginners play like professionals and experienced players improve their technique.

Knock Knock has many advantages over other batting practice aides:

  • Users can get the best batting practice with very little effort
  • Knock Knock can be used indoors
  • It can be used in a small area
  • No flying balls
  • No need to chase and collect the balls
  • A compact design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Knock Knock is easy and quick to assemble

I am an ex-professional and a first class county cricketer who has played cricket in many countries. I am also a full-time professional cricket coach. I run All Square Sports, an indoor cricket coaching centre. Every day I see lots of players struggling with basic batting techniques. I have designed Knock Knock, a revolutionary cricket batting aid which will improve your batting.

Cricket is a popular sport all over the world. With more than 15000 ECB affiliated clubs in the UK who have roughly 60 to 150 members, of all ages, who play competitive cricket. More than 4.4 million children play cricket. With Knock Knock, I aim to help and improve every batsman’s technique, no matter what your age is. It will help you improve footwork by playing the ball on the front foot and right under your eyes with the correct head position.

Head position is very important for batting. When I see young children and some adults batting, I notice that sometimes the head does not come forward or head can fall to one side. Therefore, some shots are played across the line with a cross bat.

Some batsmen do not move their front foot close to the ball. This can result in a lofted shot in the air, which increases the chances of getting caught.

Knock Knock will help all cricketers to improve batting techniques.

Knock Knock is user-friendly, quick to assemble and easy to follow instructions.

There are some batting practice products, such as a ball on a cone, or a ball on the string. For hitting balls from the cones you need lots of balls. You will also need to chase to collect the balls back. As for the ball on a string, you need to be really good in batting to play in straight line. For both of these coaching aids, you need a large area for practice. Knock Knock can be used anywhere large enough to move the bat freely.